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The City of Miramar is dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable future, utilizing the latest environmentally friendly and energy efficient initiatives which will serve to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time provide comfortable living and working conditions for residents, staff and businesses.

Our Sustainable Planning Program promotes healthy communities; provides guidance on how the built environment affects public health; supports walkability, access to food security, preservation of agricultural land through land development patterns, zoning ordinances, and land use classifications; encourages the creation of vibrant, active spaces and places which affect healthy living;  develops community outreach through applied research, partnerships, and education, upholding the integration of environmental sustainability into planning practice at all levels.

Solid Waste
Water Conservation

Help Our Cities Environment

Anti-Litter Campaign

This program builds civic pride by beautifying City streets and neighborhoods, decreasing litter and other pollutants, and helping protect water quality. Anti-litter and trash receptacles are installed throughout the City, to bring awareness, promote community activism and create greater environmental awareness. In 2013, the Public Works Department implemented an Adopt-A-Street program and invited the community to be a catalyst through active community participation to keep the City beautiful and more environmentally friendly.

Community Garden

Located in Historic Miramar, the 7,400 square foot Miramar Community Garden is an award-winning “micro urban farm” offering a social network where members learn about growing fresh organic produce and healthy living.

Miramar Tree Care in Partnership With Tree City USA

The City of Miramar through its’ Public Works Department was awarded a $20,000 matching grant from the State of Florida Forestry Division to perform a tree count and assessment of the trees within the City of Miramar’s public areas. Through this grant, the City of Miramar competitively contracted with national vendor, Arbor Pro USA for services. The National Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program, and with our vendor, the City completed a count, asses, and map over 8,000 trees within the municipal boundaries of the City of Miramar public areas. As part of the program, the City of Miramar entered into a Three (3) year subscription service exclusive to Arbor Pro and its clients to continuously monitor, track, and inventory the 8,000 assessed trees which have been incorporated into our GIS Systems. Lastly, the City of Miramar released information about this project using local newspapers and door hangers about the tree inventory project and management plan. This created public awareness to our residents about the importance of trees, tree canopy, and tree maintenance including species, size composition, maintenance requirements and conditions.


Do you have overgrown trees that are nearing hazard into power lines, water and sewer pipes, sidewalks and homes? Learn about our tree trimming assistance program and how you can receive up to $750 per tree for trimming and root pruning.

Adopt A Street

Private businesses, community organizations, and individuals can participate in our #ItsRightHereInMiramar campaign by helping clean, maintain,  and enhance the streets of Miramar. For your participation, the city will create custom signs to highlight your business or organization in its commitment to keeping the city clean. For more information on how you can get involved contact public works at 954-883-6832.

Solid Waste Planning: Waste & Recycling Management

Public Works Department made several presentations at HOAs, Civic Organizations, and provided technical assistance to commercial customers on the handling of trash. Additionally, the City implemented the ReCollect App which allowed residents to verify their collection days, receive collection reminders via email, phone call, or texts, as well as print calendars. Residents can also utilize the app to obtain information on which collection cart to place their materials in, if they are unaware.

The Public Works Department (PW) implemented several collections and educational efforts to promote recycling. These include Recycle Right Miramar water-bill inserts, single-stream (all-in-one) cart collection for curbside recyclables, and 64-gallon wheeled recycling carts as the standard method for curbside recycling collections.  PW collaborated with the Office of Marketing and Communication to promote Recycle Right Miramar and created Recycle Rosie and Ron (cartoon characters) an educational series on the do’s and don’ts of recycling.

Garbage Collection: Find your collection days and learn how to dispose of 100s of items using our ReCollect app. 

Bulk Collection: The City of Miramar has 12 bulk pickup days a year learn your dates and how to plan properly.

Recycling: Learn how and what to recycle, order bins, and Miramar's commitment and pledge to recycling.

Waste to Energy (Wheelerbrator)

Incineration of waste is a cost-effective, and efficient process of handling and managing the disposal of waste.  Incineration of waste reduces by up to 90% the total volume of waste delivered and produces electricity through the incineration process.   Incineration of waste is a cheaper alternative, requires much less space to operate and saves valuable land space.

Miramar's Commitment to Water Conservation

The City of Miramar partnered with Broward County to implement programs and ordinances geared toward educating the residents and local industries on the importance of conserving water. As part of water conservation initiatives, the City through Broward County offers credits to replace antiquated household fixtures with newer low flow showerheads, retrofit and fixtures; for example., low-flow toilets.

Reclaimed (Reuse) Water Program (Wastewater): The City of Miramar owns and operates an unrestricted public access reclaimed water distribution system that provides reclaimed water for irrigation use within the City’s service area, from Palm Avenue to Interstate 75 (I-75). This extensive reclaimed water distribution system is composed of nearly 50 miles of different size pipelines ranging from 2-inch to 30-inch in diameter. The overall reclaimed water production capacity of the system is 7.5 million gallons per day (MGD), and the current usage averages 4.0 MGD; with potential additional usage expansion of 2.0 MGD as additional infrastructure is built west of I-75.

Miramar Energy and Efficiency Programs

Miramar Solar

The City of Miramar is currently doing a city-wide energy, water and wastewater savings project. This project will reduce the city’s carbon footprint by reducing our annual energy consumption by 20% and reducing our annual water consumption by 1,000,000 gallons.

This project involves HVAC upgrades, building automation upgrades, LED streetlights, LED indoor lights for offices and parks and replacing water fixtures throughout the city with low flow fixtures.

This Project started in December 2021 and is scheduled to be complete in January 2023

This program aims to 1) investigate the economics of a range of proposed solar photovoltaic scenarios, in order to reduce the City’s carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and potentially enhance energy security, and 2) perform energy audits and master planning for all City facilities.

Go Solar 

The City worked with a SolSmart Advisor to achieve the SolSmart Silver Designation. SolSmart is a new national technical assistance and designation program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, designed to recognize communities that have taken key steps to address local barriers to solar energy and foster the growth of mature local solar markets. The SolSmart program seeks to address “solar soft costs,” or business process or administrative costs that can increase the time and money it takes to install a solar energy system.

Solar Permits

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Vehicle Roadmap

Miramar EV charger2

The City is in dialogue with FPL to participate in its EV Fast Charger program. City owned locations were submitted for EV installation and privately owned locations will be submitted to ascertain qualification for the program. The City also engaged the services of an engineering consultancy firm to assist in the development of a comprehensive EV charging master plan for the City.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is required except for individual single-family residences, duplexes, triplexes, apartment, and townhouse communities of less than 10 units. EV charging stations and infrastructure is required for new construction with 20 or more parking spaces.

Three private developments are expected to install EV chargers. Staff will be contacting other private landowners to install EV chargers.

Keep your electric vehicle fully charged for less than the cost of a single tank of gas with FPL EVolution® Home

PACE Program: Property Assessed Clean Energy

Property owners can receive an alternative financing option for improvements in solar, heating and A/C, windows & doors, lighting, roofing, and hurricane protection. Get involved and reduce your carbon footprint to help Miramar's commitment to being a Net-zero city by 2030.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified Buildings: 

LEED certification is an official recognition that a project complies with the requirements prescribed within the LEED Rating Systems (Platinum, Gold, Silver). These standards were created and maintained by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The Historic Miramar Public Safety Complex was LEED-NC certified in June 2021 and the City of Miramar Police Headquarters achieved LEED-NC certification of Gold in September 2016.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm Water Programs: 

The program monitors, regulates, and resolves any pollution discharge into our drainage system. These goals are achieved by routinely cleaning the drainage system and canals, testing selected discharge points, and providing resolution for identified discharge into the system.

Performance Contracting: 

Also known as Guaranteed energy savings contracting is a partnership between a systems owner and an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to develop, design, propose and finance the necessary funding for an energy savings project; install and maintain energy-efficient equipment; measure, monitor, and verify the project’s energy savings; and assume the risk that the project will save the guaranteed amount of energy. This is mandated by the State of Florida, 2019 Florida Statute, Title XXXII, Chapter 489.145. The City recently partnered with Siemens Industry, Inc., to construct and implement an energy savings program.

City of Miramar Sustainability Awards

The City of Miramar finished #1 in our category for the 2022 Wyland National Mayors Challenge for Water Conservation! Thank you to all who took the pledge! 

Our City accomplishments during this time are as follows:

  • Single-use plastic water bottles reduction by 169,886.
  • Elimination of 4,004 pounds of hazardous waste.
  • Elimination of 1,748,364 fewer pounds of waste in landfills.
  • Saving 275,721,987 pounds of carbon dioxide, 4,183,371 kilowatt hours of electricity, and $854,731 in consumer cost savings. 

Everyone who pledged will now be entered in drawings for thousands of dollars in eco-friendly prizes!