Important Information



Safety Rules

To ensure a fun and safe experience at the pool, Parents and Swimmers are requested to observe the following safety rules in order for us to minimize the number of pool closings due to children vomiting or defecating in the water:

  • Please try not feed your child at least one (1) hour prior to the start of class.  If you need to feed your child before class, meals should be light as greasy food, candy, and soda are not recommended.
  • Swimmers should be in good health.  If you are sick with a cough, cold, fever, infection, open sore, or rash you will be asked not to participate.
  • Do not bring your child to class if they have diarrhea.
  • Please ask your child if they feel well before going in the pool.
  • Please have your child visit the bathroom and shower before class begins.
  • Don't change your child's diapers at the side of the pool.  Please use the restroom facilities and properly dispose diapers.
  • Take young children to the bathroom often to minimize accidents.
  • Please be aware of fecal matter and other debris, which can be tracked into the pool area, on your shoes!
  • Our staff will strictly enforce the policy that children three (3) years of age and younger are required to wear tight fitting "swimsuit diaper" or tight-fitting plastic pants and a swim suit.

Safety Instructors

Parents, although you may have selected classes based on the Instructor listed, last minute modifications may be made. Therefore, we do not guarantee an Instructor's gender. 

Swim Class


In order for us to ensure that your experience at the pool is an enjoyable and safe environment, we provide our facility users the highest possible level of service.  Thus, all Parents should be aware of the following important information: 

  • Parents, please remember you are requested to bring your child to class on time. 
  • Parents, please stay with your child until the Instructor pick them up; and be ready to pick up your child from the Instructor promptly at the end of class. Parents must stay at the facility while children are attending their swim class.
  • Please have your child use the bathroom before each class. If a child needs to use the bathroom while the class is in progress, the Instructor will signal the Parent to get their child.  Children will not be allowed to go into the locker room by themselves.  Please note that swim Instructors cannot leave a class unattended to take children to the restroom. 
  • In order for the Instructors to provide the most effective instruction, Parents are asked to observe classes from the designated bleachers. If the Parents' presence on the pool deck creates a distraction to the class, for the best interest of the class, the Instructor and or the Facility Manager reserves the right to request Parents relocate to the assigned area.
  • The completion or participation certificates are handed out the last day of class. 
  • Parents, please keep all Red Cross certificates for an accurate record of your child's progress.
  • If several months lapse between enrolling your child in classes, it may be necessary to place the child in a class that they've previously passed due to their skill level at the time of enrollment.  Without practice, the child's skill level may digress. 
  • Parents are responsible for obtaining any information from the Instructors or aquatics center admission office regarding holidays, vacations, class cancellations, or postponements.  For additional information, please call 954-883-6950.

Any problems, concerns and/or suggestions regarding our services to the community, please email Silvia Dominguez or call