Utility "loveDROP" Donation Program

The City of Miramar is aware that some customers may be experiencing financial hardships. Fortunately, by donating to the City of Miramar loveDROP Donaiton Program, you can help those in need.

This program is designed to provide emergency assistance funds to City of Miramar utility residents in a crisis situation, who are unable to pay their utility bill. It's funded by customer and corporate donations. 

Why Donate

Could you live without water? Of course not. But for people on limited incomes, this is a real possibility. When you donate to City of Miramar's loveDROP Donation Program, you make a difference – helping residents who are in crisis and unable to pay their utility bill.

Ways to Donate (all payment forms accepted)

Make a donation now or at another convenient time (mail-in form to completed with payment):
By printing and sending mail-in form and check

Funds and contributions

Money donated to the City of Miramar loveDROP Donation Program stays in the community. All contributions are collected by the City of Miramar. All contributions go directly to the needy for utility assistance.