Information Technology

IT addresses the common needs for information services from all City departments. It consists of local, wide and metropolitan area networking as well as computer training, helpdesk, Internet and voice/data communications support. IT lends technical support and guidance in procuring, designing, installing, testing and developing of all computer related software and hardware applications including Internet and Intranet based systems.

The IT mission is to provide reliable, secure, functional and easily accessible information resources and related services that empower our residents and employees with easy and well-designed IT systems by focusing on their needs with innovative, coordinated and cost-effective ideas and solutions.

Responsibility of IT
Responsibilities of the IT Department include:
  • Develop and maintain business applications
  • Plan, manage and maintain a production environment (application platforms, LANs, and WAN) related to security, reliability, availability and performance of voice and data services
  • Provide and support desktop access to software tools; business applications and data across computing platforms, external services, data or applications
  • Service on demand, "any time, any location, any device"
  • Provide infrastructure and services related to broadcasting and supporting of events