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The City of Miramar is in Phase I of Reopening and is following
Broward County Reopening Guidelines.


On May 22, 2020, houses of worship were added to the federal essential business list and allowed to open to the public.

The CDC issued interim guidelines for places of worship. A copy of the guidelines can be found here
Covid19 Place Of Worship Reopening

Broward County

Emergency Order 20-14 effective June 1 further expands Broward County reopenings to lift beach restrictions, allow doubles racquet sports, massage establishment and tattoo parlor services. The Attachments to the Order, providing detailed guidance to various types of business activities, have been updated.

Attachment 1: General Requirements for All Establishments

Emergency Order 20-13 effective May 26 - expands Broward County’s Phase 1 reopening to include beaches, commercial gyms and fitness centers, hotels and other commercial lodging, with restrictions. Guidance for each type of establishment that is allowed to reopen is detailed in a series of 14 attachments. Businesses and residents continue to be responsible for adherence to social distancing, facial covering and sanitation requirements. More...

Broward County Reopening FAQs - May 15, 2020

Broward County Reopening Readiness Presentation - May 12, 2020

​City of Miramar

Parks Reopen FAQ Page 1

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