Pembroke Road & Miramar Parkway Expansion to US 27

Expansion Map

Project benefits include regional roadway network connectivity, reduced congestion on Pines Boulevard and Miramar Parkway, and an alternate emergency evacuation route for western residents.


Expand and extend Pembroke Road to be a 4-lane divided roadway from Dykes Road to US-27; and extend Miramar Parkway as a 2-lane roadway from SW 192th Terrace to Pembroke Road.  Project includes medians, landscape, lighting, and some buffer walls along residential areas.


Design starting in 2022 and Construction starting in 2024.

Segment A

Reconstruct Pembroke Road from a 2-lane to 4-lane divided roadway with multi-use paths.

Segment B

Extend Pembroke Road as a 4-lane divided roadway from SW 196th Avenue to US-27 with multi-use paths and install a signal at the intersection with US-27.

Segment C

Extend Miramar Parkway as a 2-lane roadway with multi-use paths from SW 192nd Terrace to intersect with the extension of Pembroke Road.

Project timeline

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