Roadway & Traffic Improvements

The City retained the services of a traffic consultant to perform a Traffic Study.  The study evaluated the traffic impacts from the proposed developments and took into consideration concerns by the community such as excessive speeding, cut through traffic, and traffic circulation during school hours.

Based on the additional trips generated by all phases, all studied roadways and intersections will still operate at acceptable levels of service. 

Although the roads will operate at acceptable levels of service, the City is proposing to construct additional road improvements to aid with traffic circulation concerns. 


  • Extension of SW 33rd St.
  • Roundabout at SW 69th Ave and SW 34th St.
  • Paved areas adjacent to A.C. Perry
  • Modify Intersection at SW 69th Ave and Entrance to VEHYEC and HD Perry


  • Design: October 2022 – September 2023
  • Construction: December 2023 – March 2025


School Bus to HD Perry
Currently, school buses cut through the neighborhood streets.•With the new SW 33rd Street extension, the buses will be able to bypass these streets. The new extension will also serve as the main means of entrance and exit for the proposed residential development.

roadway improvment 2

During school hours, traffic congestion is observed at the intersection of SW 68th Avenue and SW 34th Street. A new roundabout will be constructed at this intersection to help with traffic circulation.  The roundabout will also provide better aesthetics to the neighborhood.  Also, paved areas will be constructed around A.C. Perry Elementary School to allow parents to pull over when dropping off kids to school; thus, not blocking the street and allowing other drivers to get through.