Reclaimed Water System Expansion Project

The Reclaimed Water System Expansion Project connects residential communities and other properties to a reclaimed water system. Reclaimed water is permitted for many nonpotable uses, including landscape, commercial and agricultural irrigation, groundwater recharge; fire protection; wetlands creation; etc.  


This project will increase and enhance Miramar’s current reclaimed water distribution systems giving communities a more sustainable and consistent supply of irrigation water for landscaping within public and common areas. This is an improvement over using lake water, which is oftentimes limited or unavailable during droughts and the dry season. 

While there are some communities that already have access to reclaimed water, properties west of I-75 do not. This project will benefit not only residential communities, but also commercial and public properties in that area.  There will be no impact to individual residential household water pipes or their irrigation supply nor will there be any additional costs to users.  

This specific project was awarded to R.P. Utility & Excavation Corp. by way of Resolution No. 230-109 in May 2023 and focuses on areas west of I-75.  

Project Timeline

The project is expected to be completed by the Spring of 2025

Project Cost

This project has a cost of approximately $6,845,228, funded with the Utilities Department’s Enterprise Funds as well as a grant from Broward County.     

New Installation Locations

This project will install new reclaimed water pipes along: 

  • Pembroke Road between SW 160th Avenue to SW 178th Avenue
  • SW 172nd Avenue between Pembroke Road and Miramar Parkway
  • SW 172nd Avenue between Miramar Parkway and SW 48th Court
  • SW 184th Avenue between Miramar Parkway and SW 25th Street; the reuse main installation is complete and flushed while the pressure will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks.
  • Miramar Parkway between SW 160th Avenue and SW 184th Avenue; all pipelines have been completed and pressure tested.

Based on the locations stated, will your household be affected?

For more information on this project, please contact Mr. Marcelin P. Denis, Senior Utility Administrator, Utilities Department, at (954) 883-5022, or Mr. Eric Francois, Senior Project Manager, Utilities Department, at (954) 602-3309