Embankment Restoration Program

Canals and lakes are especially prone to bank erosion because of their slopes. Bank stabilization is especially important to municipalities in keeping the stormwater channels at optimum capacity therefore minimizing costly maintenance. This also benefits adjacent property owners especially if they have lost land due to erosion. 

The City of Miramar canal/lake embankment restoration Program assist eligible properties in obtaining stabilization of eroded embankment to mitigate further erosion while restoring the capacity of the water body. This is a one-time service for any specific address.

The City's approach to stabilizing the embankment is by the use of the Geotube system. This is a sediment filled high strength geotextile fabric. Using a pump, the geotube is filled with sand material dredged from the waterbody or imported if there is inadequate material available in the waterbody to complete the work. Once it reaches capacity, the geo-tube provides a durable ballast, which stabilizes the shoreline. Once the system is installed, the slope is sodded, restoring it to its desired habitat. Once vegetation has been re-established, the eroded slope returns to its natural aesthetic resilience.

This program is aimed at mitigating further erosion and is not aimed at reclaiming all lost land due to erosion. Applications will be accepted, and work will be performed on a first come, first served basis upon approval.


  1. Single Family Residential property must be located in the City of Miramar.
  2. Application must be completed, signed, and notarized by the owner or designee.
  3. Property must be adjacent to a canal or lake and impacted by erosion.
  4. Multi-Family rental units and/or commercial properties are not eligible for the    embankment restoration assistance program.
  5. The determination regarding whether a property is eligible shall be made solely by the City. Assistance from the embankment restoration contractor may be requested on a case-by-case basis. 
  6. Properties will be considered if the Broward County Property Appraiser website map shows that land has been lost due to erosion within the property limits. 
  7. If a resident disagrees with the City’s findings, he/she will be responsible for obtaining a survey with stakes from a licensed surveyor to show the limits of his/her property.
  8. Residents who live within gated communities or have an HOA shall be responsible for obtaining approval from the HOA before final approval from the City.
  9. Upon final approval of application, the city will apply for the required permit from South Broward Drainage District on behalf of the Property Owner.
  10. Residents who live west of University Drive must complete the South Broward Drainage District (SBDD) Permit application.


  1. Miramar residents applying for the embankment restoration program must submit a fully completed application, signed, and notarized Hold harmless and HOA approval letter (if applicable) and a copy of the property survey to the City of Miramar Public Works Department at 13900 Pembroke Road, Miramar FL 33027: Attn: Embankment Restoration Program. Email embankment@miramarfl.gov If you live west of University Drive, you must complete the SBDD permit application.
  2. All signed, and notarized Hold harmless will constitute an acknowledgement by the property owner that City of Miramar and SBDD personnel and contractors shall be granted gate access and exterior property access for the purpose of inspecting the embankment and installing the geotube. 




The Property Owner shall be responsible for the following prior to the City’s contractor performing the work:

  1. The relocation of all existing irrigation system(s) located on the Property at his/her sole expense to prevent any damage prior to the City’s contractor commencing the work.
  2. The clearing of property embankment including but not limited to, any vegetation such as trees, hedges, plants, and removal of structures and fences  that may inhibit installation of the Geotube.
  3. Resolve any prior permitting or non-compliance issue with any permitting agency.


Immediately following installation of the geotube, it becomes the responsibility of the residents to maintain. The city or its contractor will not provide any additional services to this embankment. Below is information to note.

  1. Geotubes normally last upwards of twenty (20) years if properly maintained.
  2. Residents must ensure that the Geotube bag is always covered with grass. When the bag becomes exposed over a prolonged exposure to the sun, it deteriorates and will eventually break spilling out the sand.
  3. Do not perforate or cut the Geotube bag. If either occurs, the sand will spill out of the bag over time, and you will lose the stabilization to your embankment.
  4. Maintain your grass. Always ensure that the Geo-tube is covered with grass. Otherwise, sand in the Geo-tube will be washed out and make your embankment uneven.
  5. Keep your embankment clean.
  6. Heavy landscaping will limit durability of your Geo-tube. Do not plant hedges or trees in your Geo-tube. 

For any other information on the embankment restoration program contact:

Attn: Embankment Restoration Program 
City of Miramar
Public Works Department 
13900 Pembroke Road
Miramar FL 33027
(954) 602-HELP
Email: Embankment@Miramarfl.gov