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Program Guidelines

The Neighbors helping Neighbors Program is designed to aid with the beautification of single-family residential homes within Historic Miramar. The program is intended to assist property owner’s come into compliance with maintenance deficiencies for those who have experienced difficult situations or extenuating circumstances. 

To qualify for the Neighbors helping Neighbors Program, your property must be located within the Historic Miramar area and be owner-occupied. The property must also have a need for painting and/ or landscaping upon City staff inspection. Properties with code violations will receive priority upon application review. Only one (1) application per household will be accepted within a 3-year window. The submission of an application does not guarantee selection/approval under the program. All application are due by February 15th for consideration. 


Single-family residential homes, owner-occupied within Historic Miramar boundary.  Applications are accepted for the following neighborhoods: 

  • Miramar Tropical homes 
  • Miramar Park Group 
  • Fairway Park 


  • Submit a Neighbors helping Neighbors Program application to the Building, Planning, & Zoning department. NOTE: All Applications must be signed by the homeowner(s) and notarized. Please visit the Building, Planning, & Zoning department if you need a notary. 
  • Submitted applications will be reviewed by City staff to ensure that it is complete, and the property qualifies for the program. City staff may inspect your home to determine the need for improvements. Priority will be given to single family homes containing open code violations.
  • Homeowners will be notified via email and phone by if they are approved for the program. 
  • Upon approval, all homeowners are required to sign and submit a hold harmless agreement to the City prior to commencement of work on the eligible property. 

***Work requiring a City permit cannot be completed under this program. The property owner is solely responsible for clearing any code violations requiring City permits. 

***Please note the program runs solely on volunteer and donated materials and may not be able to clear all code violations present on a property. Property owners selected however, will have the opportunity to mitigate any accrued fines/fees on the property once all violations are cured. 

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Let's come together to continue making our City a beautiful place to live, work, and play.

Date: Saturday, March 23 & April 20, 2024
Time: 9AM - Noon

Contact Information:
954-602-HELP (4357)

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What is a possible project for Neighbors helping Neighbors Program? 

  • Painting the exterior of the home (Front & Back) 
  • Pressure cleaning 
  • Minor driveway repair 
  • Minor sprinkler repair 
  • Replacement of Wood 
  • Landscaping (related to an open code violation) 

What is allowable for landscaping through the Neighbors helping Neighbors Program? 

Possible projects for landscaping include: (Front of the home only) 

  • Sod 
  • The installation of xeriscape plants 
  • Mulch 
  • Rocks 
  • Dirt 
  • Trimming of trees & bushes (***must be related to an open code violation) 

What is not allowable through the Neighbors helping Neighbors Program? 

  • Any construction related items 
  • Any work requiring a permit 
  • Sprinkler install 
  • Fences/Gates