High Water Bill

There are many reasons that may cause a resident’s bill to be higher than normal. Three of the more common reasons could be: 

  • The number of billing days between meter readings could be varied from month to month. Generally speaking meters are read around the same time of the month, but sometimes this is not possible.

    • There could be a leak somewhere on the customer’s piping on the discharge side of the meter. If there is a leak between the meter and the main (generally located in the street) this water is lost before it gets to the meter and is not recorded. However, if there is a toilet that runs or a leak on any of the customer’s piping, the meter will record that flow and that could account for a high water bill. 
  •  The meter may have been misread. Occasionally mistakes may occur, that we are unable to catch before the account is billed. Once the error is identified, Utility Billing needs to be notified so that the account can be adjusted properly.