Teen Council Advisory Board


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • 1st Thursday of the month
  • Parks & Recreation Conference Room, 2nd Floor


Elected Official Appt. Date
London McNeil
New Renaissance Middle
Winston F. Barnes
Reso. 23-172
Kristiana Sotelo
Somerset Academy Miramar
Winston F. Barnes 6/22/22
Reso. 22-137
Gabbriel Sculley

Maxwell B. Chambers 6/21/23
Reso. 23-128
Vacant Maxwell B. Chambers
Kamsiyochukwu Mba
Renaissance Charter
Yvette Colbourne
Reso. 22-48
Sandra Ugwuozor
Pembroke Pines Charter
Yvette Colbourne
Reso. 23-172
Nickoya McNeil
New Renaissance Middle
Alexandra P. Davis
Reso. 22-137
Sa'myah Kennedy
New Renaissance Middle
Alexandra P. Davis 11/15/21
Reso. 22-48
Shaniya Grace
Pembroke Pines Charter
Wayne M. Messam 8/17/22
Reso. 22-158
Vacant Wayne M. Messam
Jayden Jean Louis
Pembroke Pines Charter
At-Large 9/1/21
Reso. 21-156
Arielle Burkett Hyndman
Miami Lakes Middle
At-Large 1/25/23
Reso. 23-46
Please noteThe term of office for each member shall be through high school graduation or removal from the board by the City Commission. Reappointments, if necessary, shall be made in June of each year.  Once a member graduates from school, he or she will no longer be eligible for a seat on the Board and will be automatically removed from that position.


The purpose of the Teen Council Advisory Board is to research, review, plan and recommend to the Director of Parks and Recreation the establishment of social and recreational programs to be made available to the teenage youth of Miramar.