Neighborhood Crime Watch

Neighborhood Watch is the joining of forces by police and citizens to reduce and prevent crime in your neighborhood. Citizens become extra eyes and ears for the Police Department. Neighborhood Watch teaches members what suspicious activity is and how to report that activity when they see it, as well as how to describe suspicious persons and vehicles.
Neighborhood Watch Warning Sign

Getting Involved

Neighborhood Watch is not a vigilante program and does not promote vigilantism. Participants in the program should never confront anyone acting suspiciously. If you see suspicious behavior, pick up the phone and call the police.

Neighborhood Watch programs are not just for crime ridden neighborhoods. Neighborhood Watch is an excellent tool to help prevent crime from getting a start. Law Enforcement can’t do it alone. Being involved in Neighborhood Watch will reduce existing crime and prevent future crime. It will also make law enforcement more effective and efficient, which creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Neighborhood Watch is free and requires a minimal amount of time commitment by its members.