In Memoriam

In Memoriam Officer Scott Alvino
Officer Scott Alvino
December 1, 1956 – March 19, 1982

A young and well liked new officer, Scott Alvino, drowned after his car crashed into a canal, in thick fog while on his morning drive to work.
In Memoriam Officer Cathy Rickling

Officer Cathy Rickling
July 16, 1957 – June 23, 1988

The Miramar Police family again suffered a painful loss with the death of Officer Cathy Maus Rickling. Cathy died of injuries sustained in an automobile crash, the day before, while en route to work her afternoon shift.

In Memoriam Sergeant George Harper

Sergeant George Harper
December 18, 1936 – December 24, 1995

Sergeant George Harper, known for his West Virginia accent and easygoing personality, had succumbed to a massive heart attack on Christmas Eve. The 26-year veteran was found in his patrol car, by units who were searching for him after he failed to answer his police radio.