Special Events

The City of Miramar provides a wide variety of special events to make our community a truly special family oriented environment to play in.   We are dedicated to produce events that achieves the City's goals and objectives while providing the best entertainment for #OurMiramar residents to experience.
We are also responsible for working with outside Promoters and/or Organizations that are interested in having their next event at any of our beautiful parks/facilities. If you are interested in planning an event at one of our locations, you are required to complete a Special Events Application and submit it to our Parks and Recreation Department/Special Events Division.
For additional information on any event, please call 954-602-3178.

Click Here for Event Map

Taste of the Caribbean Islands - Saturday June 25
BizFit Roadshow-all events
Parks-Soggy Doggy
Latin Festival

MLK Parade 2022

Motown Christmas at Shirley Branca Park

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Burger & Brew Fest

The City Of Miramar Burger & Brew Fest is an annual celebration that brings together music, craft beers, and of course delicious gourmet burgers from all across the South Florida area! The festival is safely and securely hosted in front of the Miramar Town Center. For more information, or if interested in participating, please call 954-602-3178.

The City Of Miramar Burger and Brew Fest