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Jan 23

Dairy Queen answers... Why Miramar?

Posted on January 23, 2019 at 7:51 PM by Shalima Mohamed

NancyNortmann When you think of ice cream in Miramar, you can’t help but think of Dairy Queen—Miramar’s first and oldest business currently owned by Nancy Nortmann. 

For more than 60 years, Dairy Queen has been a staple of the Miramar community, serving up Miramar’s finest sweet treats to residents and visitors alike.

In 1977, Nortmann began her journey with Dairy Queen when she went to work for the original owners.  Quickly learning the business from the ground up, Nancy saw a greater opportunity and decided, along with her siblings, to purchase the franchise in 2006.  The company continued to experience growth over the next ten years and Nancy seized the opportunity to purchase the company and become its sole owner.

“I have many regulars who come with their kids and tell me stories of when their parents used to bring them here as children,” Nortmann says.  “I am so appreciative of the multiple generations who continue to support my business.  This is why it is great to be a part of the Miramar business family—with all the development Miramar has experienced over the years, the community has remained supportive and we look forward to continued success in the City of Beauty and Progress!” When you visit Miramar’s Dairy Queen, be sure to take special note of the 1953 building design which includes the restoration of the original neon sign Nortmann completed to preserve a nostalgic experience.

Visit Miramar’s Dairy Queen at 1900 South State Road 7, call (954) 989-4272, or


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