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Aug 18

Fun in the Sun!

Posted on August 18, 2016 at 1:01 PM by Shalima Mohamed

Ahhh…the fun days of summer here in South Florida....

Don’t you just love the 100 degree days, the humidity that wrecks your hair and the incessant rainstorms that feel like mini-hurricanes that come every day around 2pm during our rainy season?

Yep…that is why we—and everyone else around the county—love this place we call HOME! Seriously though, there is so much to do and see if you live in Miramar and the rest of South Florida. We have world-class museums, art galleries, sporting events, concerts, water parks, zoos, cruise ships, amusement parks, libraries and restaurants galore—oh, and that little thing called the Atlantic Ocean aka “the beach.”

Sure it only lasts for about three months, but summer is truly the time to get out and explore (after 6pm hopefully…just kidding. It is still hot then, too.) There is alligator watching in the Everglades, biking along A1A, spending all your money at Sawgrass Outlet Mall and so many more activities that you can find in our slice of paradise—the choices are endless!

So do not spend the summer cooped up in the house. Yes, we know that is where the air-conditioning is located. But we live in a place that people spend thousands of dollars trying to get to during the summer months and it is in our own backyard…Actually, It’s Right Here in Miramar!

Just be sure to take that umbrella and your rain boots with you wherever you go!


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