2300 Civic Center Place
Miramar, FL 33025


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Name Title Email Phone
Adderley, Kevin E. Director of Financial Services 954-602-3049
Ahmed, Sameena Account Clerk I 954-883-2732
Alvarez, Laura Senior Utility Billing Specialist 954-602-3038
Antoine, Arlande Administration Services Coordinator 954-602-3034
Antoine, Rose Account Clerk III 954-602-3041
Capote, Yenevin Grants Accounting Manager 954-602-3067
Chang, Marrilyn Finance Support Coordinator 954.602-3069
Connors, Elaine Chief Accountant 954-602-3158
Coa-Jacque, Pamela Grants Assistant 954-602-3035
Cousins, Donna Business Operations Accountant 954-602-3074
Dunn, Michael Accountant I 954-602-3055
Evans-Smith, Ian Treasurer 954-602-3085
Frederick, Linda Account Clerk III 954-602-3052
Freeman, Winsome Assistant Director of Financial Services 954-602-3071
Gocoul, Maureen Assistant Payroll Manager 954-602-3032
James, Mark Accountant I 954-602-3063
Lawrence, Patricia Fixed Asset Accountant II 954-602-3084
Lodge, Dwight Account Clerk II 954-602-3083
Mahadeo, Neila Account Clerk II 954-889-2733
Mighty, Samantha Assistant Treasurer 954-602-3042
Montes, Tina Utility Billing Supervisor 954-602-3059
Moronta, Carlos Senior Utility Billing Specialist 954-602-3153
Morrell, Fiona Account Clerk III 954-602-3066
Murray, Cassandra Business Tax Specialist II 954-602-3040
Myers, Stashia Head Cashier 954-889-2731
Noble, Tecora Head Cashier 954-602-3048
Palmer, Loraine Administration Services Coordinator 954-602-3037
Pedlar, Andrea Financial Services Administrator - Payroll 954-602-3030
Powell, Rosemarie Senior Business Tax Specialist 954-602-3061
Pintado, Dawn Senior Utility Billing Specialist 954-602-3070
Reid, Thelisha Utility Billing Specialist I 954-602-3072
Rigaud, Marie-Florence Account Clerk III 954-602-3046
Samuels, Paul Financial Services Administrator 954-602-6811
Smalls, Tevarus Account Clerk II 954-602-3031
Simon, Natalie Assistant Grants Accounting Manager 954-602-3039
Soto, Mayra Senior Accountant 954-602-3060
Sunday, Janet Account Clerk III 954-602-3064
Toledo, Yenisey Accounting Manager 954-602-3051
Williams, Zendra Utility Billing Manager 954-602-3045
Wong, Jennie Account Clerk III 954-602-3033
Wright, Lesley-Ann E. Interim Accounts Payable Supervisor 954-602-3050 and 954-602-3058

Water Billing Division 

2300 Civic Center Place
Miramar, FL 33025

954-602-HELP (4357)

Business Tax 

Miramar, FL 33025