Office of the City Manager


2300 Civic Center Place
Miramar, FL 33025


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Virgin, Roy City Manager 954-602-3080  
Baker, Kelvin Deputy City Manager 954-883-6888  
Burden, Adam Assistant City Manager 954-602-3087  
Gayle, Shaun Assistant City Manager 954-602-3166  
Johnson, Stephen Assistant City Manager 954-602-3077  
Carvalho-Lindsay, Kassandra Chief of Staff 954-602-3124  
Coombs, MPA, Shana Chief Operating Officer 954-602-3048  
Franklin, LeVar Chief Public Safety Officer 954-602-4460  
Gooding-Liburd, Susan Chief Financial Officer 954-602-3116  
Mohamed, MPA, Shalima Chief Strategic Administration Officer 954-602-3147  
Valera, Elizabeth Chief CIP Officer 9546023175  
Campbell, II, MPA, Debon Intergovernmental Affairs Manager 954-602-3119  
Lewis, Kelvin C.A.R.E. Program Manager 954-602-3027  
McCallum, Rasheed Energy Resources Manager 954-883-5035  
Stampp, Kanika Assistant to the City Manager 954-602-3062  
Bryan, Sophia Administrative Manager II 954-883-6816  
McLean, Joan Executive Administrator 954-602-4314  
Myrick, Dachelle Executive Administrator 954-602-3118  
Rumph, MBA, Tara Executive Administrator 954-602-3043  
Gonzalez, Alexander Special Projects Administrator 954-883-5184