What is included in the rental price for the facility?
Your 8 hour rental includes our 72-inch round tables which seat up to 10 guests per table, our supply of 36-inch circular tables (which come as both high boys and low boys), the accompanying padded chairs, and a portable dance floor, which opens to a maximum total size of 28 feet by 28 feet.

If you opt to rent multiple halls, you will get access to the Ansin Family Art Gallery for no extra charge. On top of this, the fee includes services regarding general oversight of any activities that are related to the banquet hall; for example, we can provide kitchen-related services, service at the bar, and things like that. An official staff member who works for the Miramar Cultural Center will always be on hand.

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1. What is included in the rental price for the facility?
2. How long is a standard rental?
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