How do I dispose of Bulk items?

Bulk pickup occurs once per month, anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on your designated collection day.  The day of your bulk collection depends on your respective area which can be located through our Bulk collection map at:

Bulk Waste Requirements: 

  • Bulk must be a result of normal household activity.
  • Bulk piles should be neatly placed in a location that allows safe collection - away from cars, mailboxes, trees, and overhead wires. 
  • Contractor Generated Waste will not be collected
  • Hazardous Waste will not be collected
  • Tree limbs and trunks, piles of leaves or other loose materia should not exceed 6 feet' in length or weigh more than 50 pounds.    
  • For safety reasons, mirrors, glass, glass tabletops, windowpanes, and plate glass items must be safely placed in a rigid container and taped for safe collection. 

Do not place Bulk items out for collection more than 72 hours before your designated collection day.  Additionally, please follow your homeowners' association regulations as well. 

For more information about bulk collections rules and schedules, please click here: or call our Customer Service Line at (954) 602.4357 (HELP) .

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