How do I obtain a permit for a sign?
All permanent signs require a building permit. These signs (e.g. signs identifying a business or community or place of worship) need to comply with the sign ordinance requirements of the Land Development Code as well as obtain design approval from Planning staff prior to submitting a permit application.

Temporary signs such as real estate, windows, contractor, and courtesy (public hearing notice) signs do not need a building permit as long as they conform to the Sign Ordinance regulations. Temporary signs such as development signs (e.g., “Coming Soon”) need only a building permit (wind-load calculations) and conformance with zoning regulations.

Temporary signs such as grand opening banners and special event signs need a Temporary sign permit.

In addition to zoning requirements, the proposed sign(s) must conform to established design standards (e.g. a master sign plan criteria) and fit well into the architectural character of the building. A freestanding ground monument must be located on a survey and have surrounding landscaping that beautifies its design. sign information online.

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