What is the City Commission?
The City Commission is comprised of 4 members and the Mayor selected by the residents of Miramar to serve as the City's governing body. It is responsible for adopting policies of the City, passing ordinances, adopting resolutions and approving budgets. A City Manager is appointed by the City Commission to serve as the administrative head of the municipal government and provides recommendations to the City Commission on policy issues. Visit the City Commission page.

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1. What is the City Commission?
2. What is a City Commission meeting?
3. What is the agenda?
4. What is an ordinance?
5. What is a resolution?
6. What is the annotated agenda?
7. How can you make comments about a particular agenda item?
8. Can I bring an electronic device to a meeting?
9. Can you appeal any decision made by the City Commission?
10. What if a participant is hearing or speech impaired?
11. What if I need an auxiliary aid?