Where do I put my household recyclables?
Residents should use the blue recycling cart for recyclables collection.

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1. What can I place in my trash cart?
2. Does the City provide service for disabled residents?
3. What do I do with large or heavy items for disposal?
4. What do I do with appliances when they have been replaced?
5. Where do I put my household recyclables?
6. When do I place my cart out for collection?
7. How do I find out when my collection days are?
8. What happens if I or we move, what do I do with the cart?
9. How often do we receive collection services?
10. What do we do about parking on our scheduled collection days?
11. My cart has been stolen, damaged or destroyed, what do I do?
12. How do I get rid of household hazardous waste (HHW) and Electronic Waste (E-Waste) such as paint, motor oil or computer monitors?