How will I know if a show is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances?
In the unlikely event of a cancellation, all ticket holders will be contacted by phone or the e-mail address associated with their ticket purchase. In addition, other forms of media maybe used to contact ticket holders, including social media and radio.

Tickets to cancelled events will be automatically refunded to the credit card used to purchase tickets. If your tickets were purchased with cash at the box office, and you have not been contacted by us yet, please contact the box office with your order number ready. MCC does not give cash refunds, you will receive a check back by mail from the City of Miramar.. If your tickets were purchased through a private vendor, you must receive your refund from the private vendor - MCC cannot provide your refund under any circumstances if the tickets were purchased through a third party other than our ticketing system.

For more information call the box office 954.602-4500.

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2. How will I know if a show is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances?
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