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Advisory Board Application

  1. All applicants must reside in the City of Miramar, unless otherwise stated in the City Code, and may belong to only 1 Advisory Board at a time. Applications not submitted online must be typed or printed and completed in full. Additional information may be attached to the printed forms.

    The City Code Section 2-53, requires that all adult candidates for Board Appointment must be registered voters. Please have a voter's registration card and if returning the application by mail, include a photocopy of your voter's registration card with the application.

    Advisory Board applications will be kept on file for 1 year only. After its expiration, you will have to re-submit a new application.
  2. City Resident
  3. Registered Voter
  4. Choice of Board or Committee
  5. Briefly describe your specific expertise and/or abilities relevant to your board choice(s) in place of these directions. Your input is limited to 255 characters.
  6. List the organization name, years of service(i.e. 2001-2002), and offices held (i.e. Chair, Member), in place of these directions. Your input is limited to 255 characters.
  7. Acknowledgement
    I understand that in accordance with the Florida Sunshine Law, this information may be made public. If appointed, I agree to faithfully and fully perform the duties of my office and will comply with all laws and ordinances of the City, County, and State of Florida. Particularly those pertaining to the conduct of public officials and the financial disclosure requirements.
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