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Comp Ticket Request Form

  1. Comp Ticket Request Form
    *Please submit form 48 hours before required date.
    *Requests must be submitted no later than 2 hours prior to show start time.
    *Please remember that comp tickets that are reserved, but not used are lost revenue for the theatre. Please remind the people you are comping to use the tickets. If you know the tickets are not going to be used, please contact the box office so they can release the tickets to sell.
  2. Once comp allotment has been reached, approval from Director Kantrowitz will be required. The Box Office will notify you if approval is required.
  3. Location:*
  4. Delivery:*
  5. Please enter specific seat location desired (we will do our best to accommodate, but do not guarantee)
  6. Once request is completed, the box office will email both requester and patron receiving tickets.
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