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Miramar Cultural Center Volunteer Application

  1. Do you speak a foreign language?*
  2. Since your 18th birthday, have you been convicted of any violation of the law, other than minor traffic offenses or pleaded “no contest” to criminal charges, even if adjudication was withheld?*
    A conviction does not automatically mean you cannot volunteer for the Miramar Cultural Center. The nature of the offense, how long ago it occurred, relationship to this job, etc. are given consideration.
  3. Front of House (Usher) Volunteer Conditions:

    Required to attend a Volunteer Orientation prior to first volunteer shift at the Miramar Cultural Center/ArtsPark.

    Abide by Volunteer Seating Policy during performances as outlined in volunteer manual

    Ability to escort patrons to seats in all levels of the theater: Orchestra and Balcony

    Must wear:
    Black dress shirt
    Black pants or a plain black straight skirt
    Completely black shoes
    Black socks / black or natural stockings (no other colors)

    Always have the proper equipment: working flashlight, paper and pen or pencil

    Volunteers must be familiar with the locations of all facilities within the Miramar Cultural Center (restrooms, water fountains, telephones, box office, concessions, etc.)

    Remember, you are a volunteer, not a patron. If you wish to see a certain show, we recommend that you purchase a ticket for a performance other than your regular shift.
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