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Theater Rental Ticketing Information - Consign House

  1. Ticketing Information Form
    Please fill out this form completely. Once this form is received, we will create your tickets and notify you when they are ready.
  2. Contact Information:
  3. Event information:
  4. Ticket Text
    Limited to 25 characters per line.
    Time, Date and location of the event will automatically print on the ticket face.
    Please note: the following characters will not print on the tickets: "Quotations" @ symbols, or special characters such as é or á
    If you would like reserved, please contact your sales person to change your contract to a ticketed event.
  6. Technical info:
    If you have sound monitors, we recommend keeping rows A and B on hold (33 seats)
    If you do not need stairs for the purpose of the performance, these seats will be held until further notice from production.
  7. Will you have sound monitors on the front of the stage? the stage?*
  8. Do you need the pit seats (row A & B) REMOVED for your event? (33 seats)*
  9. Do you need the pit seats (row A & B) HELD for your event? (33 seats)*
  10. Do you needs stairs leading from the audience to the stage?*
  11. Maximum is 776.
    If you are removing or holding rows A and B, the maximum is 753.
  12. You will be charged the facility fee and printing fee, per ticket printed, as stated in your contract.
    *This includes any tickets OVER the estimated amount.
  13. Lap Tickets: (for an infant to sit in lap)
    All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket, including infants. If no lap tickets are available, regular tickets will be required for children and infants.
  14. Would you like Lap Seat Tickets available?*
  15. Lap seats are for children 12 months or under to sit on someone lap. You will be charged a printing fee, but not a facility fee on lap tickets.
  16. *END OF FORM*
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