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Theater Rental Ticketing Information - Rental Event

  1. Ticketing Information Form
    Please fill out this form completely. Once this form is received, we will email you a PDF to sign and return to us.
    Once we receive the Ticket Rider and the fully routed contract back, we will schedule an on sale date.
  2. Contact Information:
  3. Event information:
  4. Ticket Text
    Limited to 25 characters per line.
    Time, Date and location of the event will automatically print on the ticket face.
    Please note: the following characters will not print on the tickets: "Quotations" @ symbols, or special characters such as é or á
  5. Is this appropriate for
    children under 5? *
  6. Is this appropriate for
    children under 12? *
  7. Is there an intermission?*
  8. Please provide a short event spoiler. MAX 255 characters including spaces and punctuation.
  9. The text sent will be used for the website and our Box Office Representatives to inform patrons of your show. The Miramar Cultural Center reserves the right to edit the description as necessary. The Miramar Cultural Center reserves the right to refuse this description and advise of changes that need to be made before publication.
  10. Seating type:*
    For General admission, we cannot control how many tickets are available at each price level. We do not reserve rows or seats. ALL seats are available for any patron. If you would like an area held for specific patrons, we recommend using reserved seating.
  11. Chosen map number
  12. Advertised Prices:
    Advertised tickets include the $2 facility fee AND 6% admission tax (if applicable).
    This price can be determined by subtracting 2 from advertised price and then dividing by 1.06
    (example for $25 advertised ticket: 25-2=23, 23÷1.06=21.698, round to closest penny $21.70).
  13. Examples include: child price (12 and under); student price; senior price (65 and up); early bird offer; day of price increase. Separate with semicolon, please include type and amount.
  14. Lap Tickets: (discounted ticket for small child to sit in lap)
    All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket, including infants. If no lap tickets are available, full priced tickets will be required for children and infants. Lap ticket will also include admission tax, but NOT the $2 facility fee.
  15. Would you like Lap Seat Tickets available?*
  16. (Limit is 2 years for RESERVED or 12 months for General Admission)
  17. (recommendation $3 and under)
  18. Holds:
    What type and how many holds will you need for your show for various reasons:
    *Reminder: Presenters comp or consignment tickets will hold box office surcharges.
    $2.25 per ticket for a NON Profit organization per ticket
    $2.50 per ticker for a for profit organization
    PLUS 10.5% of advertised ticket price of any tickets taken on consignment.
    Note: NO tickets can be sold on Miramar Cultural Center property at any time, no money can be taken for consigned tickets being picked up at will call at any time, and no complimentary tickets may be sold with a ticket value.
  19. Please list how many seat holds you would like.
    For a reserved show, please list QUANTITY; TYPE (artist/sponsor...); SEAT LOCATION (row and seat numbers, or price level).
  20. Technical info:
    If you have sound monitors, we recommend keeping rows A and B on hold.
    If you do not need stairs for the purpose of the performance, these seats will be held until further notice from production.
  21. Will you have sound monitors on the front of the stage? the stage?*
  22. Do you need the pit seats (row A & B) REMOVED for your event? (25 seats)*
  23. Do you need the pit seats (row A & B) HELD for your event? (25 seats)*
  24. Do you needs stairs leading from the audience to the stage?*
  25. Event images
    Please email 2 (TWO) images in the following sizes to us at this email address: Client Services
    250 x200 pixels (vertical)
    581 x 358 pixels (horizontal)
    The event will not be published to our website without images.
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