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Water Billing E-Notification Enrollment Form

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  2. Terms and Conditions
    I (We) authorize the City of Miramar to send electronic billings to the e-mail I provided. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify customer service at or call 954-602-HELP (4357) if I change my e-mail account. I understand that I am responsible for adding to my email safe list to ensure ebills are delivered to my inbox. Furthermore, I understand that if I fail to keep my email address with the City of Miramar up to date and my account becomes delinquent, that I am responsible for any late fee, turn off/on fee, interest charges and/or other fees that may be assessed or costs incurred in attempting to collect the amount on my account. As a City utility customer opting to be billed electronically, I hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:
    • The City will notify me by email that an electronic copy of my utility monthly bill (i.e., ebill) is available for review, and the notification shall be considered notice of the ebill. I will review my ebill and will be responsible for its timely payment.
    • The City will not send my utility bill by regular mail unless I inform the City that I no longer want to receive ebills. In such case, I will receive my bill by regular mail until I reregister.
    • The City may email other related notifications, including those required by law, such as invoices, delinquent notices, newsletters, privacy notices, and disclosure documents.
    • Documents and other information delivered electronically may be formatted in Rich Text Format (.RTF), portable document format (PDF), Plain Text File (.TXT), hypertext mark-up language (.HTML), or other common text and web file formats.
    • The City may communicate with me by regular mail to my last known address even though I have consented to the use of electronic mail.
    • All communications sent by the City, whether by email or regular first class mail, shall be considered delivered to me personally, whether or not it was actually received by me, provided the communication was sent to my email or mailing address I provided to the City of Miramar.
    • As with any internet-based portal, interruptions accessing the City’s utility billing portal are possible. Nevertheless, I will be responsible for payments of all bills, regardless of notification from the City that a bill is available for viewing.
    • The aforementioned acknowledgements and agreements will remain in effect until the City of Miramar has notified me of its termination or change, or until the City receives written notification from me of a change.
    Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from City officials regarding city business are public records, and are available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications, including your email address, may therefore be subject to public disclosure. This message, together with any attachments, is intended only for the addressee. It may contain information which is legally privileged, confidential and exempt from public disclosure. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the City of Miramar immediately by return e-mail.
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